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url_icon.gif  Extending Python Example with C
Writing python extension modules using C.
2005-07-22 08:52

url_icon.gif  Installing Slackware Linux on IBM Thinkpad (Lenovo) R52
Installing Slackware Linux 10.2 on IBM Thinkpad (Lenovo) R52 HOWTO.
2005-10-27 22:16

url_icon.gif  Setting Up PPTP VPN Connection on Linux
A brief document abount seeting up a PPTP VPN client on linux
2007-08-20 11:00

url_icon.gif  The erdos question
Ugly solution for erdos problem with C.
2006-04-11 17:41

url_icon.gif  Installing Slackware Linux on Apple MacBook
Installing Slackware Linux 12.0 on Apple MacBook HOWTO.
2007-09-20 13:00

url_icon.gif  Adding RSS Feed to web page
Adding RSS Feed to web page HOWTO
2005-11-21 19:30

url_icon.gif  Procfs Internals
Getting proccess stats from procfs using bash scripting, when there is no ps or top.
2005-06-22 13:30

url_icon.gif  Quine Example with C
Quine example in C.
2005-06-09 13:50

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