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url_icon.gif  Tetromino Multimedia Box
projects/mmbox/img/mmbox_01.png MPEG Layer 1,2,3 and CD player using SVGALib with Infra RED support and games (Tetris, Mines).
Date: 2001 to 2003
Version: 1.0.0

url_icon.gif  libhthread
no screen shot

libhthread is a threads helper library and a thread detector with synchronization errors detection support.

Date: 2009-2013
Version: beta

url_icon.gif  Check Directory
projects/chkdir/img/chkdir_04.png Searchs a given base directory recursively for given file extensions and/or minimum file size. And deletes if defined.
Date: 2003
Version: 1.0.0

url_icon.gif  libhmemory
no screen shot

hmemory is a memory error detector for c/c++ programs.

Date: 2008-2013
Version: beta

url_icon.gif  Fesh M.A.M.E
projects/fesh/img/fesh_12.png FESH is a handy, easy to use, small, fast front end shell sript using dialog, sed, awk etc. for M.A.M.E. that runs on conlose.
Date: 2001
Version: 1.0.0

url_icon.gif  Source Code Parser/Analyzer
projects/srcprs/img/srcprs_02.png Multi language source code parser.
Outputs : direcotry tree, function list, function calls list/graph.
Date: 2004 - 2005
Version: 1.0.9

url_icon.gif  Xynth Windowing System
projects/xynth/img/xynth_x11_01.png Xynth is a portable embedded windowing system, client/server interface between display hardware (mouse, keyboard, video displays) and the desktop environment that works on many hardware, including embedded devices (handhelds, set-top boxes, etc.).
Date: 2002 to 2010
Version: 0.10.82
Donation: Support Xynth Project

url_icon.gif  Snow Report / iPhone
projects/snowreport/img/snowreport-0.0.19-05.png Shows 6 day snow report for selected snow resorts.
Date: 2009

url_icon.gif  FUSE - EXT2
projects/fuse-ext2/img/Fuse-Ext2 Preferences.png fuse-ext2 is a ext2 filesystem (ext2fs/ext3fs) support for mac os x, with both read and write support. fuse-ext2 is written for mounting linux ext2 filesystem from mac osx (macfuse ext2), since source is os independent you can use it on unix distros. and of course fuse-ext2 works on linux (fuse ext2), also if anyone needs such thing ;)
Date: 2008 to 2011
Version: 0.0.7
Donation: Support fuse-ext2 Project

url_icon.gif  Universal Infra-Red Receiver
projects/uir/img/uir_01.png A home-brew universal infra-red receiver instruction.
A C library for accessing the uir hardware.
A Linux Kernel module for accessing the uir hardware.
Date: 2001
Version: 0.0.1

url_icon.gif  Arcade Console
projects/arcade/img/arcade_03.png Cabinet style PS/2 arcade console for PC.
Date: 2001
Version: 0.0.1

url_icon.gif  libmakefile
no screen shot

libmakefile is a makefile helper library for basic management of source/target files.

Date: 2002-2013
Version: beta

url_icon.gif  smashfs
no screen shot

smashfs is a read-only linux kernel filesystem with compression support.

Date: 2013
Version: beta

url_icon.gif  UpnpAV Deamon
no screen shot Basic upnp av deamon including upnp av mediaserver, upnp av renderer, and a upnp controller based on UPNP Forum specs v 1.0
Date: 2008 to 2011
Version: 0.0.1

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