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Searchs a given base directory recursively for given file extensions and/or minimum file size. And deletes if defined. Usefull for hosting services, and can be used manually from command line or from crond.

This program was writen for an Irish hosting company. The parameters, console output and the configuration fle setup was written as they requested. The program is so small and simple that I do not think anyone will get confused because of little decomentation.

I hope chkdir would be usefull for others, too.

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installing, and using chkdir application is pretty simple. all configuration is done via configuration file, so you have to first generate a conf file. below you can find the instruction for compiling the source, and generating the conf file.

# tar -jxvf chkdir-1.0.0.tar.bz2
# cd chkdir
# make

copy src/chkdir binary to somewhere in your system start chkdir with config file path parameter, it will generate a config file for you. edit the file, and then restart the program.

# chkdir -c /path/to/your/config/file


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chkdir-1.0.0.tar.bz2        2013-03-12        11540 bytes

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