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Tetromino Multimedia Box
What is?

For a project competition I've made Settop Box using SVGALib. It has become a system with inra-red and mpeg layer 1,2,3 support, including games (tetris, mines) and a cd-player.

It seemed not quite done as my goals was higher, but i decided to leave Tetromino as it is because I was busy with many other projects. However I shall continue to release new versions as it fixed or after some addings has been made according incoming feedbacks and/or requests.

This project has degreed on IBM Linux Programming Competition 2002, however it was not just that, but consist of a 800 K (uncompressed) system booting from a flash disk and processing on a ramdisk. Its small size was a record for that time, yet it is consuming less space than the others doing the same job. For further information, the info file placed to the download page.

This size can be reduced about 200-300 K with converting img files to .png and modifying kernel. However, as I said, I'm not on this project anymore. For interested people, I've placed kernel patches and working system to the download section.

  • SVGALib.
  • MPEG Layer 1,2,3 (mpg123 lib).
  • ID3 Tag v1.
  • CD Player (Dijital Audio)
  • Games (Tetris, Mines).
  • IR-Man support.
  • English and Turkish language support. (INSTALL)
  • Ready for embedded systems. (INSTALL)
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Documents Read the install file.
You can get svgalib from
To build your own UIR reciever look at UIR project page. You do not need libuir or the kernel module.

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