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Universal Infra-Red Receiver
What is?

The UIR is a device that enables you to control your PC with any remote controller you have (TV, VCR, CD or Stereo).

Here you will find the building howto for uir device, a simple c library and a kernel module to access this device. You should use either the library or the module to access the device.

uir_02.png uir_03.png uir_01.png 

C Library, and Kernel Module
Look in the readme files.

Building Howto
Original uir hardware was designed by Martinus & Ties Bos. Their web page has either moved or is unavailable. So I prepared this document for those who want to build their own uir.

The schema:


Schematic changes explanation/discussion:

  • Cond's on quartz are used for oscillator frequency stabilization, oscillator startup etc. UIR works with RC oscillator which is far more inaccurate. If you are planing to use UIR in 'normal' environment (your room) these are not needed.
  • 5V1 on RS232 TXD is also not needed because there is one inside PIC port, especially as maximal current is limited with R1 (100k).
  • Circuit needs 7mA (2mA PIC + 5mA SFH according to datasheets) when it's not sending data to PC, which can be supplied by RS232 RTS. When sending data it depletes RTS and reserve stored in C1. This solution is 0.25 DM (0.1$) more expensive but has less parts, better exploits available current and is more reliable. The hidden gain is that now you can use 4 wire OLD MICE CABLE to connect UIR to PC!

The simple one:


When programming, folowing configuration bits must be set:

  • PIC12C508/509: OSC XT for use with quartz, OSC IntRC for internal oscillator; WDT ON (watch dog timer); MCLRE INT (internal startup)
  • PIC16C84/F84: OSC XT; WDT ON (watch dog timer);PWRTE ON

File Name
File Size

12c509b-ext-osc.hex        2013-03-12        1872 bytes
12c509b-int-osc.hex        2013-03-12        1872 bytes
16f84b.hex        2013-03-12        1872 bytes
uir-schema01.png        2013-03-12        5741 bytes
uir-schema02.png        2013-03-12        3081 bytes

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