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UpnpAV Deamon
What is?

Basic upnp av deamon including upnp av mediaserver, upnp av renderer, and a upnp controller based on UPNP Forum specs v 1.0

This code is under heavy development, please use it at your own risk.


upnp av deamon is consist of three parts mediaserver, mediarender, and a controller device. every service is developed seperately so, if you want you can create a root device with the services you want. this way you can build your own hybrid root devices. every service is in this deamon is based on upnp forum specs v 1.0, and does not cover optional fields.

please do not forget that this is an early release, with the tarball you will have a working mediaserver, partially working mediarenderer with the use of ffmpeg, or gmediastreamer, and a basic controller with console cli.

Downloadable files, and svn repository (svn co upnpavd) are hosted at Logo.


File Name
File Size

AVTransport1.0.pdf        2013-03-12        719554 bytes
ConnectionManager1.0.pdf        2013-03-12        287455 bytes
ContentDirectory1.0.pdf        2013-03-12        1166753 bytes
MediaRenderer1.0_000.pdf        2013-03-12        96205 bytes
MediaServer1.0.pdf        2013-03-12        114157 bytes
README        2013-03-12        507 bytes
RenderingControl1.0.pdf        2013-03-12        938277 bytes
UPnPAvArchtiecture0.83.pdf        2013-03-12        197860 bytes
upnpavd-0.0.1.tar.bz2        2013-03-12        343889 bytes
upnpavd-checkout-snapshot.tar.gz        unkown        unkown bytes

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