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Xynth Windowing System
What is? Xynth is a portable embedded windowing system, client/server interface between display hardware (mouse, keyboard, video displays) and the desktop environment that works on many hardware, including embedded devices (handhelds, set-top boxes, etc.).
  • TCP/IP (allows client/server connection on different hosts)
  • UDS (Unix Domain Sockets)
  • pipe() based socket api implementation. usefull for embedded devices. (there is no dependency for TCP/IP stack, if clients and server linked in singled app.)
  • Memory based pipe(), read(), send(), poll() implementation. xynth is able to work even there is no file descriptor on system.
  • mutex and condition variables implementation using semaphores.
  • DMA (Direct Memory Access). allows clients to draw directly on graphics buffer.
  • Buffer streaming (allows client/server connection on different hosts)
  • Move, 8-way resize
  • Optional theme plugin support. (theme_*.so)
    .xpm to .so tool.
  • Anti-aliased fonts with Freetype Library.
  • Anti-alias enabled low-level graphics library.
    (rgbcolor, colorrgb, setpixel, getpixel, hline , vline, fillbox, putbox, putboxmask, getbox, putboxpart, putboxpartmask, copybox, scalebox, getsurface, setsurfacevirtual, setsurface)
  • Anti-alias enabled overlay drawing ability.
    (rgbcolor_o, colorrgb_o, setpixel_o, getpixel_o, hline_o, vline_o, fillbox_o, putbox_o, putboxmask_o, getbox_o, putboxpart_o, putboxpartmask_o, copybox_o, getsurface_o, setsurfacevirtual_o, setsurface_o)
  • Basic image library.
    (xpm, png, gif)
  • Basic widget library.
    (object, frame, button, checkbox, textbox, scrollbuffer, listbox, controllistbox, pushbutton, etc.)
  • Low Memory & CPU Usage;
    In 1024x768x32bits mode with 253 clients open mem. usage is ~2,5M
  • Static linked binary : ~125K
  • Ported Applications;
    Mplayer v1.0pre8 (
    links v2.1pre23 (
    Kaffe v1.1.7 (
  • Ported Libraries;
    GTK v2.4.14 (
    SDL v1.2.10 (
  • Supported Platforms;
    Linux FBDev (
    SVGALib (
    SDLLibrary (
    PS2SDK (
    PSPSDK (
    GDI (,
    GP2X (
xynth_links_01.png xynth_terminal_02.png xynth_xchat_01.png xynth_kaffe_01.png 

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Pick the white paper (xynth_whitepaper.pdf), and presentation (xynth_presentation.ppt) from downloads.

The Doxygen Documentation; (Underconstruction, but good)

doxcygen documentation for xynth windowing system, and library

The Architecture;

The Xynth Architecture

The Protocol;

The Xynth Protocol

DMA : Direct Memory Access to the display buffer.
SHM : Shared Memory.
UDS : Unix Domain Sockets.
POLL : Input polling.

Downloadable files, and svn repository (svn co xynth) are hosted at Logo.

You can safely use xynth svn, rather than waiting for tar ball releases. I always keep svn repository stable enough for every one. You can download the latest svn tar ball from sourceforge svn view, or directly from

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ChangeLog        2013-03-12        56537 bytes
xynth-0.10.82.tar.bz2        2013-03-12        3144443 bytes
xynth-0.6.65-iso-gtk.iso        2013-03-12        14745600 bytes
xynth-0.6.65-iso-mplayer.iso        2013-03-12        35717120 bytes
xynth-0.6.65-iso-sdl-gtk-mplayer.iso        2013-03-12        52932608 bytes
xynth-0.6.65-iso-sdl.iso        2013-03-12        8650752 bytes
xynth-0.6.65-iso.README        2013-03-12        1293 bytes
xynth-0.6.65-iso.iso        2013-03-12        3506176 bytes
xynth-0.8.40-gp2x.tar.bz2        2013-03-12        932053 bytes        2013-03-12        1046173 bytes
xynth-0.8.40-psp-1.0.tar.bz2        2013-03-12        849345 bytes
xynth-0.8.40-psp-1.5.tar.bz2        2013-03-12        850281 bytes
xynth-0.8.90-MPlayer-1.0rc1.diff.gz        2013-03-12        4974 bytes
xynth-0.8.90-SDL-1.2.11.diff.gz        2013-03-12        7435 bytes
xynth-0.8.90-cairo-1.4.2.diff.gz        2013-03-12        6054 bytes
xynth-0.8.90-gtk+-2.4.14.diff.gz        2013-03-12        23857 bytes
xynth-0.8.90-kaffe-1.1.7.diff.gz        2013-03-12        10115 bytes
xynth-0.8.90-links-2.1pre26.diff.gz        2013-03-12        6984 bytes
xynth-0.8.90.tar.bz2        2013-03-12        1747544 bytes
xynth-checkout-snapshot.tar.gz        unkown        unkown bytes
xynth-doc-presentation.ppt        2013-03-12        151040 bytes
xynth-doc-presentation_tr.ppt        2013-03-12        153600 bytes
xynth-doc-whitepaper.pdf        2013-03-12        1933873 bytes

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